Dr Kaitlyn Regehr is a scholar of gender, media & cultural studies and broadcaster. Regehr has created content for iTunes, SWR (DE), ARTE(FR) and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF Bell Lightbox).

Regehr serves as a lecturer at the University of Kent. Her work has explored intersections between gender, performance and politics in female driven communities. Her recent research examines global digital feminism and social media campaigns responding to sexual violence in the♯MeToo era. Kaitlyn has gone on to serve as a topic specialist for the BBC’s 100 Women programming on these themes.

Regehr’s book with photographer Matilda Temperley, on one of the first sex worker unions in America, The League of Exotic Dancers was released in the spring of this year (Oxford University Press). She is presently working on project with photographer Jessica Earnshaw on the criminalisation of midwives in twenty-three US states and the intensification surrounding the politics of women’s bodies in the Trump era.

Regehr holds a doctorate from King’s College London and a masters degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.